Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Do Life Big

To do life big we must be present in the moment. 

It is important to deal with our fears because our fears keep us living or reacting to the past.  Our fears are based on our past experiences.  Not facts.  So whatever happened is over and done with.  Change it's color to black and white.  Stop feeding it with drama. 

Imagine holding a tension rope.  Pull it tight, tight, tighter, then let it go.  Gone.  The past memory is gone.  Now let's deal with now. 

Right here, right now, I want to dance.  That's what works for me to inspire my day.  I mentioned this on my Jan 18th, 2018 blog.

Focusing on what works for me is dancing.  For 2018 I've chosen to dance to one song to start off each day on the right foot. 

Throughout 2018 I will mention the song that I chose on each blog.

May you be blessed and encouraged.  May you sing and dance to your hearts content before the time of your life is over.

Today's song is:  Do Life Big by Jamie Grace.  You can watch it on youtube.

Enjoy your day to the fullest. 

Much Love,
Mrs. Encouragement

p.s. Worthless is who I was.  Priceless is who I am now!  I feel safe to be me.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Never Early Never Late

Death is Never Early Never Late.  Death is part of Life.

We just don't know when death will come knocking at our door.  Or how it will arrive.  Suddenly or slowly.

Watching a loved one go through an illness is painful.  Loosing a loved one suddenly, just as painful.  Being a care giver to a loved one, very exhausting.  It is important to overcome our fear of death or uncertainty.  To let go of our fight or flight mode so we can focus on living.

As we focus on living, it's important to take care of our needs.  When I had my breast cancer diagnosis that was the first time I learned about the fight or flight mode.  I controlled my thoughts with Dr. Patrick Porter's Brain Tap Technologies.  Now I'm encouraging my husband to relax and meditate as he deals with a concussion and both wrists broken.  I see the fear, uncertainty and panic as he faces a new future.

Having lost a friend on Dec 19th to cancer and a friend who lost a loved one in Nov. and on Jan 1.  I wanted to learn more about overcoming the fear of death.  I came across this book by Kelvin Chin.  Available to purchase on Amazon.  He has a new approach:  non-religious non-cultural that covers all beliefs.  His organization is:  TurningWithin.org  and OvercomingTheFearOfDeath.org

As we focus on letting go of our fears we are able to focus on what's working in our life to gain inspiration.

January 2018 - Let's start off the new year with writing down what's working?  Suggested my writing teacher.

Get a full sheet of paper and write on the top 'What is working'.  As you write down what's working in your life.  Those are the things to focus on and check in with through out the year.  I enjoy writing, designing, organizing, learning, playing with my grandchildren, and speaking.  Those things are working for me.

I love to dance.  Each day I'm going to dance to one song to inspire myself.  I'm going to connect with two girlfriends each month.  I think doing things that inspire me will help me to deal more effectively with those who frustrate and bring out the worst in me.

When we take care of our needs it gives us more energy to take care of others.  At the same time creating healthy boundaries in relationships.

May your life be full of inspiration.  Living life to the fullest.  Dying without regrets.
With each blog entry this year I will share the song I'm dancing to.  May you be inspired as it SO inspires my day.

Much Love,

Mrs. Encouragement.