Friday, December 29, 2017

My Big Dream Begins

"Can I go with you to heaven?"

"No you can't!  You need to stay here and give hugs and kisses from Nana, so our grandchildren will remember me", she replied.

While I was frustrated and wanting to run away I went to visit a friend in the hospice and asked her that question.  Her response was immediate.  She didn't question me on such an impossible request.  

Today was the celebration of her life.  My friend passed away after 9 months of cancer.  What a celebration it was.  The family sharing so many stories of days gone by and memories from brothers, sisters, her children and friends.  It was a time to remember who she was and what gave her the most joy.  Her family shared her life story through pictures and video's and their final memories they created for her.  It was amazing to see her 5 children (between 30-38 years of age) come together and support their mother especially in the last year of her life.

Her family will now have to live on without her but her love will live on within her loved ones.

The dying are still very much alive.  Let death be what takes them.  Not the lack of imagination or inspiration.  It would be very encouraging and uplifting to the family to help them through the many difficult days as they prepare for their loved ones end of life by creating memories of  "Living"  "Loving" and "Laughing" before death takes them to Heaven.

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  Psalm 23:6   

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Before she died the name of the place came to mind and before I go to heaven my big dream is to have a place where women can run away for a day.  The name of this place will be:  Shirley Goodness and Mary.  In memory of my mother Shirley and my daughter's mother in law Mary.  

Thanks be to My Big G who will make this happen in a way beyond my understanding. 

Much love, 

Mrs. Encouragement.