Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stand up to cancer bow down to Christ

Sounds like a great book title!

Just thinking out loud.  I find writing very inspiring.  It clears out the murky emotions due to the sediment of life's troubles.

Quoting Jesus from John 16:33 - I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.

In my world on my journey with cancer I eventually found peace through Christ.

What troubles are you dealing with in your world?  Who are you turning to for help? 

Quoting Jesus from John 14:1-4  - Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  You know the way to the place where I am going.  

Thomas, a disciple of Jesus responded in verse 5 - Lord we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?

Quoting Jesus from John 14:6 - I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

May you cherish Christ as you go easy on my old time favorite Cadbury mini eggs this Easter.  May your heart be blessed with the peace that is found through Christ. Even in the midst of trouble.  

With Love and Encouragement, 

D o r o t h y

Monday, March 27, 2017

Intimidation or Fascination

When we know without a doubt our true identity - our behavior and the behavior of those around us act accordingly.

When we act according to our false identity (our negative self) we are easily intimidated.  When we know our true identity we become fascinated by the Majesty of God.

This I've taken from listening on YouTube to Graham Cooke - Voice of the Prophets and will expand upon from my life.

Again after being criticized I could feel sadness quickly overtake me. Learning how to deal with such feelings I found something to do, I did it then I turned to the Psalms.  When that was completed I prayed then I listened to the 'voice of the prophets'.  Upon my bed I inquired of the Lord "Will my life be long or short because I don't know how long I can deal with this?  I can deal with cancer, no problem, but this constant criticism, how long Lord, how long?"

The quicker the poor me dies the quicker the true me is open to know that God is using the present situation to change our mindset so that we can let go of any negativity, any behaviors that stop us from being our true self.  Anything negative can be turned from glory to glory as we become the person God created us to be.

My poor me seems to take a long time to let go, but she is willing to change and learn new ways to deal with the fiery arrows of verbal attack. Through each painful lesson God teaches me who I truly am through his Majesty.

If I'm not shown what I can do to change the situation I ask God to bless the other person.  When I woke up in the morning, I listened to the meditation from BrainTap Technologies about putting on the full armor of God.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  Then I meditated on the 365 names of God on YouTube.  I did this to STOP any poor me negative thoughts.

God is a genius, a very creative Spirit.  He speaks the language of the heart to each of our hearts.  He can quiet the person with the spirit of criticism and the discouraged person in ways beyond our ability.  Beyond anything anyone could say or do He spoke to both of us one on one.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  For each negative situation I can be blessed beyond understanding.  Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus.

May you be fascinated by the Lord, not intimidated by a bully.  The bully gives up when he/she knows where you stand; fully armored.

With Love and Encouragement,

D o r o t h y


Friday, March 24, 2017

Cancer Christ Choose

When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained; what is man that you take thought of him, and the Son of man that you care for Him?  Psalm 8:3, 4

I just finished watching Louie Giglio's series called:  Indescribable.  It truly is an eye opener to catch a glimpse of God's majesty as presented in 'Indescribable'.  

Over the past 40 years I've gone to church, joined bible studies, sang songs of worship, prayed, read inspirational books about faith, listened to speakers talk about Jesus.  Listened to others share their faith journey. Through it all I learned about God's love, forgiveness, grace and mercy.  

I've cried many tears and felt sorry for myself over the emotional pain and suffering that I've endured. Praise God I actually came to realize He is an amazing God and can be trusted.  I've listened for His voice as I've cried out to Him.  I've asked for direction.  I've prayed for protection.  I've encouraged others to believe in Him too.  

When I asked for a sign for not taking radiation and a confirmation that it was ok to go away for awhile - and I got it - I wondered - 'Who am I that God would take any thought of me?'  After thinking about the latest question I inquired of God - 'Who do you want to be for me at this moment in time?'  I had a dream -  I was speaking to a group of people telling them who God was for me. My heart was beating fast and I was excited just like Louie Giglio when he talks about God.  In my dream Christ for me was the reason I could say to hell with cancer, I choose Christ.  

Now I ask myself a question:  What does a life of choosing Christ over cancer look like?  My main food choices are vibrant and alive.  Some form of exercise for my mind and body daily.  My negative thoughts get dealt with quickly.  I put a healthy boundary around me to protect me from others emotional outbursts.  When someone criticizes me for who I am.  I tell them I like who I am.  If you don't that's your problem, not mine, you deal with it.  All my energy is going into my healing journey.

My positive thoughts throughout the day go like this:  Jesus Jesus Jesus, I believe in you, I accept perfect health and abundance.  I am happy healthy and whole body mind and soul.  I love and approve of myself. Everyday in every way I'm feeling better and better.  Thank You for healing me.


Easter    Birthday Choose    Easter    Birthday  Choose

My birthday is during Easter this year.  I've chosen to ignore it.  I want to focus on Christ and what He has done for me. I choose Easter.   

Sad to say I've been a needy person.  I've needed to be shown love and approval from others.  I've needed to be acknowledged.  I've needed to be included.  I've needed gifts.  I've needed proof of some sort that I am here, I am a somebody.  I needed you to love me.  I needed to be noticed.  I've made it all about me.  When actually it's all about God.  Who He is in my life.

What an opportune time in 2017 cancer free at Easter.  The high light of the Christian Faith to ask my family and friends to let my birthday slide this year just so I can prove to myself that I am ok if I am ignored.  I am still ok if we forget my birthday.  I'm still ok if we don't sing or go out for lunch.  I'm still ok because the God of the Universe who sacrificed His Son to show how great His Love is for us, loves us.

I need only Jesus.  My favorite charity is Mercy Ships.  They need our gifts. 

May you know who you are and cry out to God for He cares for you.

With Love and Encouragement, 

D o r o t h y    

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks!

Jesus is my Forever Uncovering Crushing King!  

Cancer brings such a negative spirit into your life.  It's disgusting.  It is the fear of all fears. Describing cancer is describing hell.  When you go through hell don't stop, keep going.  

When I finally took a stand for my faith and what I would allow cancer to do or not do to me, I made my way back from hell, among the walking dead.  It was then I could see the truth.

The truth set me free to believe Jesus is my Forever Uncovering Crushing King!!  Through all of life's circumstances.

I remember after having our first child.  Our daughter ended up in intensive care after one week.  She had to be on medication every 12 hours until she was 4.  She ended up loosing her hair when she was five. I discovered a natural/medical Dr (very rare then) to help with a natural solution to help her hair grow back.  Our second child, a daughter, lost her breath from crying so hard and went unconscious many times.  I inquired of the Dr to do tests to see what was going on.  Conclusion?  Nothing was wrong with her. The Dr suggested it was her temper.  From 6 months of age to 2, out of her crying spells her body would turn grey, go stiff as a board then she'd pass out. The Dr. said put her in her room.  Her body will automatically take over. Nothing is wrong.  Nothing to worry about.  That was difficult, but that's just what we did.  Our third child, our son was sick from two weeks old through elementary school, allergies, asthma, bladder issues.  Parenting isn't for cowards!

I remember hanging out at the library looking into symptoms I'd have and change my lifestyle accordingly.  At a young age I had symptoms of MS. There was no way I was going to allow MS to take over my body.  My faith was weak then.  I trusted no one but me.  I was the one who found solutions.  I fought and I fought hard to overcome those symptoms.  One time after spending three months in Italy.  Pizza, pasta, bread, gelato every day, morning, noon and night.  I came home with terrible symptoms and discovered how I could turn it around and get my life back again and I did. The time came when I had stomach and digestive issues and gave up pasta all together.  That was very hard, being married to a true Italian! Dealing with depression and type 2 diabetes is an ongoing challenge. (Cancer was double depression.) Then bladder issues for a decade lead me to stop eating milk products and wheat.  That was even more difficult. It was a constant battle I never overcame. Now dealing with cancer, choosing an oil free whole foods, plant based lifestyle, no problem!  Why? Because I want to starve cancer cells from growing.  100% is difficult, 90% is easy!  

At this stage in my life, my faith is strong.  Even stronger since my mammogram.  I'm not surprised that I've taken a stand for me and my health.  Christ is sending cancer to hell.  This journey is all about Jesus and who He is to me.  Through each lesson I learn more and more about the character of Christ.  My life is all about how Christ shows up.  Christ wants to heal me. I want to be healed.  Yes I still have the freedom to choose what to put in my mouth.  I have the freedom to choose what I do with my negative thoughts.  I have the freedom to choose how I let go of anger and deal with my emotions asap!  Or else?  Or else . . . .  it feeds cancer!!

Cancer was the divine tap on my shoulder that brought attention to my lifestyle and my relationship with Jesus.  It began with shock, fear and trembling.  Then I became thankful, accepting cancer as a gift. Then fear and trembling again on my way to hell and back to earth to say - Thank You Jesus for helping me to bury my poor self.  May she RIP.  Thank You Jesus for helping me to become my true self. May she soar like an Eagle. Thank You Jesus for being my forever uncovering crushing king. Thank You Jesus for my sound mind.  Thank You Jesus for my honesty. Thank You Jesus for live and vibrant foods to nourish my body/mind and starve cancer. Thank You Jesus for being my teacher, my healer, my salvation, my rock, the author and finisher of my faith.  Oh Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus.  Oh Thank You Jesus.

Maybe cancer is not your turning point but something else is.  Are you ready to love and approve of yourself, and take a stand?  If your answer is no, what won't happen if you're not ready? You'll continue living in the land of the dead.  Count it all joy - those thoughts of being sick and tired of being sick and tired, thinking enough is enough.  That's what's driving you to freedom.

Let today be the day gorgeous.  Today is your turning point.  It's going to take some courage, so be courageous.  Be confident.  Be committed.  Be you, beYOUtiful and cancer free.  Let today be the day you invite Jesus into your life.  Let him be the rock on which you stand.  He can be your fortress. Tell your poor self things are going to change around here and get to know your true self.  The one who is created in the image of God.

God is for you, not against you.  He'll hold you through as you learn to let go of the fear.  He'll hold you up as you get to know your true self.

A bible verse to live by:  2 Timothy 1:7 - For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  (New King James Version)

With Love and Encouragement,

D o r o t h y

Friday, March 17, 2017

Out of the Mouth of Babes

"I'm sure glad my name isn't God.  I don't like that name!"

I was having a bedtime conversation with my six year old grandson on a sleep over.  What's a shocked Nonna to do? I thanked God for a teaching opportunity.

My response to my grandson, "Ya, that's a different name alright.  God has many different names." Then I named off about 10 of them.  

Having just listened on YouTube to:  I Am- 365 names and attributes of God, reminded me of that conversation.

Now my grandson tells me he doesn't believe in God.  To which I say "When I was your age I didn't believe either.  I was 23 when I came to believe in Jesus, maybe you will too"

While on this journey of breast cancer I'm learning a lot about God and His provision through the Holy Spirit.  I'm spending time listening to Graham Cooke.  His teachings about the Holy Spirit are on YouTube and are available at

As we journey through life getting to know our true self, God helps us to learn from today's lessons and focus on Him.  For He is the one that provides a solution for every situation.  His ways are not our ways.  When we let go of the control our eyes are open to His provision.  He turns all things into good for His Glory.  That's what's happening on my journey with breast cancer.

I'm very happy that I chose to believe in God and accept His Son Jesus the Holy Spirit to join with me on my journey through life for almost 40 years now.

Whatever your circumstances.  I hope you can see the difference that my turning from fear to faith on my journey with breast cancer has inspired you more than enough to turn your heart and your eyes to the one and only one who is alive who can be our everything.

With Love and Encouragement,

D o r o t h y


Friday, March 10, 2017

Live Under the Sunshine of My Smile

Enjoy the Journey.  Travel in laughter.  Travel in Joy, and in plenty of Peace. The time of poverty is over.

As I come before the Lord, my God.  The lover of my soul.  He teaches me that my journey is one of healing.  Healing of my emotions.  Healing of my body.  Healing of relationships.  Healing of my mind.  Healing of my soul.   

My Lord encourages me to bask in the sunshine of His love for me.  My Lord uplifts my spirit as I bow down before Him.  My Lord pushes me out of my comfort zone.  My Lord provides a safe place of abiding with Him. My Lord teaches me that my true identity is in His Son Jesus.  My Lord blesses me with dreams.

Last night I had a dream.  There was a note I picked up off a hospital bedside tray.  The note was a reminder to speak to my Aunt.  My Aunt is 94.  I had not yet told her about the issue with breast cancer.  I didn't want to upset her, so I kept it a secret until this moment.  I called her just before her dinner time.  I said, "OK Lord I will.  Help me to keep it upbeat and no tears please", as I picked up the phone.  Within a couple of minutes I said, "Auntie I wanted to tell you something but wasn't able to until now!"  "What is it", she said"  My response, "I have breast cancer."  "Hey" she exclaimed loudly?  I could tell by her tone of voice, she heard but wanted me to repeat it to be sure she heard me correctly.

Yes she heard me right and we talked about it. She was sure I could handle it as she knows my faith is strong.  We both agreed that we get the best result when we turn to God.  It was a great conversation. It was upbeat and positive, without crying; just like I wanted it to be.  Just so she wouldn't worry about me.  She thanked me for telling her.

The note in my dream said, tell her a little now and a little later and a little even later.  It reminded me of my dad. My dad was my Aunt's younger brother.  He passed away in 2010.  My dad would phone back a couple of times after our initial conversations to talk about what would come to his mind after each conversation ended.  I assured my Aunt that it is ONLY because of going to the Lord and trusting Him that I am OK.

With a new mindset I receive peace to the max.  I receive love overflowing.  I can stand tall on my journey of healing.  I can seek and find.  I can ask and receive.  I can knock and the door will be opened.  I believe in prayer.  I know how to ask for what I need.  On my healing journey I was asking for direction and a support team.  Another answer to prayer along the way . . . .

. . . . Women of Courage - Renewing our bodies . . . .  

I have a cousin who is preparing to climb to the first base camp of Mt. Everest in the fall.  Her husband and four adult children will be going as well.  They climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a few years ago.  Today my cousin asked me "How are you doing following Chris's regime?" (  When I responded that 100% was difficult but 90% was easy, she said "I am going to try to live your diet and lifestyle change in order to support you."

I was moved to tears.  What could I say but this - "I am speechless.  Full of tears.  Happy tears of joy. Happy for the amazing changes on how you and I will feel to climb our mountain."

God is a genius.  No problem or situation is too big for Him.  He takes GREAT pleasure when we call upon His name.  We have direct access to God through His Son Jesus Christ.  

As you climb your mountain.  Come up with a plan.  Focus on your strengths.  Know where to go to for help.  Encourage yourself.  Transform your mind through prayer.  Live under the sunshine of His smile as you look to the Author of your Salvation.  Travel in joy, laughter and peace.

With Love and Encouragement,

D o r o t h y    

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life is made for living!

Don't take it too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway! 

 Are you terminally serious?  Then you've got to meet Miss Loosy the Clown.


Once upon a time not too long ago I invited Cheryl/Miss Loosy the clown to my 60th birthday gathering.  I was not in the mood for a party but I wasn't going to let this iconic birthday go by without doing something.  Heck I love planning parties so I planned one for myself. 

I had met Cheryl at the University when I signed up for a laughter class several years ago.  She got out alive after a serious car accident after many months in the hospital.  She came to share her story and her laughing energy with us.  There were 21 of us in a circle laughing hysterically.   Cheryl works at the Childrens Hospital in Calgary as 'Sparkle' the therapeutic clown - you've just got to meet her.  Tell her I sent you! 

Did you know laughter is GOOD medicine?  Steve Wilson of World Laughter Tour calls himself Cheerman of the Board.  That's another good thing to let go of being terminally serious.  Join a laughter club.

What does one do when their spouse refuses to look at the bright side of life?  Refuses to see the silver lining?  Refuses to look outside their box of negativity?  Refuses to engage in a healthy conversation?  Refuses to let go and trust God in their mess?  Threatens suicide?  Refuses to eat vibrant alive food?

You turn on some quiet music.  You pray for them.  You let them be.  You be quiet and listen.  You go for a walk or a drive to get away from the negativity.  You offer them something to eat.  You give them a hug.

Then look for a laughter video on YouTube, turn on the volume and watch what happens!!

May you make it out alive after your bout with depression and see the lighter side of life before you miss out on life.

With Love and Encouragement,

Dorothy-Mamma D Butterfly   

Sunday, March 5, 2017

You are the lamp who lights my way;

the Eternal One, my God, lights up my darkness.  Psalm 18 from 'The Voice of Psalms'

Are you afraid of the dark?  I don't appreciate total darkness unless it's somewhere looking up to the night sky at the galaxy.  One needs darkness for that. 

I recall being totally afraid in my early 20's.  I was living on my own.  I was asleep and suddenly woke up with the sound of rustling in the basement window well where I lived.  I was totally convinced someone was trying to break in.  I just laid there frozen with fear wondering what I would do.  I finally opened my eyes and realized it was the rustling of leaves because the sound never changed.  What a relief! 

Another time in my 40's.  I was sleeping.  My husband sleeping beside me.  All of a sudden I felt darkness come over me the exact shape of my body with the weight of a truck.  I was so afraid I couldn't move, couldn't sit up, couldn't open my mouth.  The only thing I could do was think and repeat:  Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord and then the weight, the darkness, was gone!  I got up got my bible.  Laid back in bed with my bible and gave thanks to the Lord for lighting up my darkness.

Living in the light one can pick up on the little things.  You read between the lines.  You can see more.  You can see farther.  You're able to do a reality check.  You can see the darkness behind the mess in the message. 

I had just spent 9 days in solitude.  It was lovely.  My husband came to join me.  I could feel the tension as soon as he arrived.  He was upset and had been upset for 5 hours before he got to where I was.  It wasn't a good start.  He tried to blame me for his being upset because I didn't answer my phone when he called.  I immediately voiced that I would not take any blame for what was going on in his head.  This added more darkness to his drama and the brightness that had washed away my darkness was beginning to diminish.

I could feel the anger start to build.  My heart started racing.  My solution.  A divorce.  That's all I could think about as I sat in silence.  I cried out to the Eternal One and asked to be washed clean as white as snow over and over again until my heart slowed down.  Then I got out my Brain Tap Technologies head set and listened to three sessions to relive the stress so I could go to sleep.  When I got up I listened to one again.  By mid morning I turned on the espresso machine and asked him if he was going to come and see the light (sunshine). 

After two days he began to shed the light on what was really going on!  He was having trouble accepting my choice to decline radiation for breast cancer. I was happy with my choice and he wasn't.  He felt frozen in time, he was getting worse and worse, feeling sick and sicker and I was getting better and better. My brain was thawed out after being on my own for 9 days.

How does one who is frozen and one who is thawed out come up with a happy balance?  How does one who is ready to rock and roll get along with one whose not ready to do anything?  How is one who wants to be spontaneous be still when one doesn't want to be spontaneous?  These are things that we will have to work on to bring light into the situation.  This is the reality of cancer.  It either brings you closer together or sends you further apart. 

May you see the light at the end of the tunnel on your journey with the Eternal One.  May the mess behind the message, the test before the testimony bring you closer to who you Truly are.         

With Love and Encouragement,

Dorothy-Mamma D Butterfly
Butterflies don't fear transformation

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Catholic Cousin

My Friend.  My Encourager.


The season of Lent is a 40 day preparation for Easter.  Easter is a major celebration for the Christian religion, as is Christmas.  Both major events represent either the birth or the death and resurrection of Christ.

My cousin is Catholic.  My husband was raised Catholic.  They know about the Lent season.  I am not Catholic.  I am Christian.  It's about getting closer to God.  Denying yourself of something for 40 days, reflecting on why you're giving it up.  Also reflecting on the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by Satan.

Tonight my cousin had my husband over for dinner.  It was a fish dinner.  As no meat is eaten for this special day today which is called Ash Wednesday.  The first of the 40 days before Easter.  If you've been reading these past few blogs you'll know I flew away to spend time alone with me myself and God. 

My cousin sent me this idea from Pope Francis - thinking I might be interested.  Yes I am . . . . read on and you might be as well.  Even if you're not Catholic, not Christian or you're a Muslim, or Atheist.  It is well to consider doing such things to benefit our mental health.

Fast from Hurting Words and say Kind words.  Fast from Sadness and be filled with Gratitude.  Fast from Anger and be filled with Patience.  Fast from pessimism and be filled with Hope.  Fast from Worries and Trust in God.  Fast from Complaints and contemplate Simplicity.  Fast from pressures and be Prayerful.  Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with Joy.  Fast from Selfishness and be compassionate to others.  Fast from Grudges and be reconciled.  Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.

Those are amazing things to focus on for 40 days . . . .  Be the change you want to see and see what happens!

Once upon a Christmas about 20 years ago my family was at my cousins house.  Catholics have a mass at midnight so we headed over to their church.  My cousin was serving the communion that evening.  Love was in the air . . . . love was all around us . . . . I was filled with joy.  I chose to get out of my seat and go to receive communion from my cousin.  My family chose to go to the other person serving communion.  I knew that Catholics do not give communion to non Catholics but that didn't stop me from going to see my cousin.  Heaven knows that she knows how much I love Jesus.  I guess my subconscious thought she'd give it to me.

Remember I believe in prayer.  Remember everything happens for a reason.  You and I are the reason.  This time it was a HUGE lesson for me.  Oh yes, one more important detail.  The priest neglected to say 'If you're not Catholic you can come up for a blessing with your arms crossed over your chest'.

I walked towards my cousin fully expecting to receive communion.  I thought it would be so special to receive it from her.  That's not what happened.  I held my hand out and she gave me a blessing.  She didn't give me the wafer that represented the body of Jesus.  I was shocked.  I felt totally rejected.

It was a couple of months before I could talk to my cousin.  She finally figured out that something must be up because I wasn't returning her calls.  I actually had to go see a counselor, I was so upset.  My minister suggested a former Catholic Priest who was now a counselor.  He was the perfect choice.  Explaining to me that my cousin took her stand and did what she believed.  She did nothing wrong.  Had there been five of us having the same experience there would have been five different reactions or perceptions.

The issue here was not about receiving or not receiving communion.  The issue was - rejection.  So then I was left with looking back, way back to see where the seeds of rejection were planted.  It took a few visits before I was ready to let go of being upset but understood the original source of rejection.  It was very important for me to grow and become aware of the immense waste of time and energy that goes into being upset, angry or revengeful.  Now I know those who anger you control you.  My cousin and I are buddies.  We really love and respect each other.  I feel my cousin respects the stand that I've taken in my life, my choice to decline radiation.  She walked along her son who had cancer a few years ago.

So yes I too am interested in fasting for this season of lent like Pope Francis suggests.  Hurting words and kind words.  I really feel overwhelmed with love when kind words are spoken to me.  Sadness and Gratitude.  It's impossible to feel sad when you're being grateful.  When you're compassionate towards others, self-centered perceptions are washed away.

This is a newer version of the Prayer of Serenity:  God grant me the Serenity to accept the person I can not change.  Courage to change the person I can.  And the wisdom to know it's me.

Guard you heart.  Believe in Jesus.  He is full of Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Mercy.  The sacrifice of love from the One and Only One who is alive.  Living in the hearts of those who Believe.

With Love and Encouragement,

Dorothy-Mamma D Butterfly
             I am Canadian!

Bella Italia!

That's what my friend said when we walked into her son's coffee shop a decade ago.  

My husband had his Italian jacket on that said ITA on one side of the zipper and LIA on the other.  Her and I became instant friends.  To simplify her life she sold her house in Victoria, stored necessary belongings and rented a cottage on one of the smaller Islands almost 2 years ago.  Now for her 70th birthday she has planned a 3 month back/packing holiday in Spain/Italy.  She feels 50 not 70 as she celebrates her life.

OYM - My friend had to repeat over and over again as we headed towards the coffee shop.  Over and over she told herself OYM OYM OYM OYM.  Then she blurted out 'Bella Italia' as we walked in to order our coffee.  She is from Saskatchewan originally.  A very intelligent farm girl, shy and quiet.  Came out to Victoria many years ago.  Retired from teaching and loves art, painting and sculpting.  OYM are you wondering what it means?  Open Your Mouth.

The Italians say - the best I can translate - He who has a tongue gets to Sardinia.  I'll have to ask my friend if she's going there!  In plain English - the one who knows how to use their tongue gets what they want!!

Bella Italia - Yes, beautiful Italy.  I've seen Brusciano, 1/2 hour south of Naples, my husbands home town many times over the years.  A shy quiet Canadian.  A City girl.  It astounds me how God brought my husband and I together on the dance floor 42+ years ago.  It was very important for my husband to show his children the culture he grew up in.  It was quite a cultural shock for me.  But now feel SO blessed knowing two cultures.  I learned how to cook Italian, speak a little, very little of my husbands Neapolitan dialect.  The Neapolitan's use a lot of sign language.  Which is what I used while on my three day silent retreat when I showed up for an appointment.  I was surprised that the receptionist (I mentioned in the last blog) where I had my infrared sauna did not interpret my sign language very well.

When I showed up two days later I had a conversation with her about it being very interesting watching people's reactions to my not communicating with words.

My husband communicates loud and clear.  When I want to go for Vietnamese food he either waits in the car or sits there and watches me eat my favorite dish or I take out and eat it in the car.  I go for Korean, Thai, and East Indian too.  Well while I'm on my silent retreat my husband's Italian friend took him for lunch.  Guess where?  At my favorite Vietnamese Restaurant!!  No way!  He couldn't believe it, but I did.  I thought to myself 'thank you God'.  His friend had mentioned pizza was not a healthy choice so he'd take him to his favorite place.  TOO FUNNY.  I'm grateful now and look forward to having my husband enjoy a Vietnamese lunch or dinner with me.

I believe in the power of prayer.  God has listened to my cries.  He has showed up in my life in different ways over the years.  Simple request and difficult requests.  I'm usually asking for some sort of sign or wonder.  I am fully confident that my choice to overdose on nutrition is the best choice for me.  I am at peace living my life as each day were my last for as long as I am given the breath of life from this day forward.

This is a simple prayer request:  One time we were meeting at an Italian restaurant for a Christmas party.  Some of the couples there were Muslims.  The Muslim women cover themselves well.  Being a party of only 25 we would be sitting directly across or near one another.  I knew the younger women I knew there would take offense if I asked them to cover their cleavage.  So I prayed!!!  Guess what?  They all showed up in turtleneck sweaters!  Isn't God amazing.

My God is an awesome God.  He reigns from Heaven above.  I am SO inspired and feel transpired as I allow a life of health and abundance to fill me, through and through while I prepare my heart for heaven.

May you feel comfortable in opening your mouth and asking for what you want.  Just imagine what won't happen if you don't! 

This photo of Calgary wouldn't be on my wall if I didn't ask for it. The artist is Martin Machacek. If my artist friend Judith didn't open her mouth, we wouldn't have become friends.  Lets keep our eyes open to the signs and wonders God puts in front of us. 

With Love and Encouragement,

Dorothy-Mamma D from YYC
whY whY Cancer